Users of Facebook should have come across posts which claim that Facebook or some third party would donate some fixed amount of money for forwarding that post to others. While most of such claims are bogus, some genuine charities do request for funds on social networks. Facebook now wants to make it easy for charities to collect funds and launched a new ‘Donate Now’ button.

Facebook Donate

Suggested posts from charities which keep showing up in Facebook’s News Feed will start displaying this button. Official Facebook pages of these charities will also display the Facebook Donate Now button making it easy for charities to collect contributions from donors. A big advantage of this new feature is that users can be sure of the authenticity of the charity to whom they are donating. Donate Now button can be displayed only on the Facebook pages of charities which have tied up with Facebook. Charities too can collect contributions right from their Facebook pages without the need of redirecting donors to their websites. Requests for donations from charities can go viral on Facebook and increase the total amount collected.

Facebook has initially tied up with 19 charities for this new feature which might be expanded in future. Some of the charities which have partnered with Facebook include Red Cross, UNICEF, Kiva, American Cancer Society, World Wildlife Fund, etc.

For contributing to a charity, donors can simply enter the amount they want to donate and enter their payment details. Users whose payment details are already stored with Facebook for paying to games and other apps can simply use them. The only catch with the new Donate Now button is that sensitive credit card information will be stored with Facebook. Facebook has also said that it will not charge any fees for processing the credit card payments (it will pay the fees itself). So the whole amount donated will go to the charity.