Rumors have recently surfaced regarding the display size of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5. The next flagship Galaxy device from the world’s largest seller of smartphones is speculated to have a display size of 5.3 inches. That is an increase of 0.3 inches to that of the present Samsung Galaxy S4. Display sizes of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy devices have been going up since the first Samsung Galaxy S device with a display size of 4 inches was released in the year 2010. The recently released HTC One also has a bigger display size of 4.7 inches. Increase in the display sizes of smartphones has become so common that there is no new release from major handset manufacturers at-least without a small hike in their display size.

Big Screen Smartphone

Apple is the only manufacturer which is not increasing the display size of its iPhones. While the earlier iPhone models had a display size of 3.5 inches, it has been increased to 4 inches for its latest models. People who were expecting a display size of 4 plus inches in the latest iPhone 5S were surprised to see the same 4 inch display continued from its earlier model. The message from Apple is clear. Anything beyond 4 inches for the display of a smartphone doesn’t make any sense for a person who wants to use a smartphone as a hand-held gadget which can be freely carried anywhere.

Higher display sizes have their obvious advantage. They give better experience while watching videos, viewing images, and browsing the Internet. Book lovers can read books on smartphones with bigger displays without the need for any separate Ebook reader like Kindle. Bigger display sizes also have their own disadvantages. Along with the display size the overall dimensions of the smartphone also increase. It gets difficult to operate phones with bigger display sizes with a single hand. Your thumb will simply not reach all corners of the phone freely while holding it in your hand. Holding a smartphone with a bigger display than 5 inches can be irritating. You may end up operating the gadget with both your hands which may reduce the comfort level.

People who really need a display size of more than 4 inches should look for a 6-7 inch tablet or a ‘phablet’ like Samsung Galaxy Note which has  a display size of around 5.5 inches.