Backing up the files in computers is very crucial to protect the data in case of any serious malfunctioning of the computer. Cyotek, whose website backup  software Cyotek WebCopy is very famous, has recently released a new backup tool for backing up the data in your computer.

Cyotek CopyTools is a new backup software for Windows that makes it easy to create backups manually or to create automatic backups at the stipulated intervals. Each backup task to be done through this tool is called a profile which needs to be created before creating the backup. A new profile can be created by clicking on the Profile menu and selecting the ‘New Profile’ option. If you have a set of similar profiles they can be grouped together by creating a new ‘Profile Group’ by clicking on the ‘Group → New Profile Group’ in the File Menu. Grouping similar profiles also facilitates to run all the profiles in the group with the click of single button or by pressing the F5 button.

The first step in the creation of a profile is selecting the source folder and the files in that folder that you want to backup. The second step is to select the destination at which the backup is to be created. Destination could be another folder in the computer, USB storing device, or a remote server. The Copy Mode for the Files which at to be backed up, viz. Copy, Mirror, Move, and Compress needs to be selected subsequently. The time intervals (daily, every few days, and every few hours) at which backups are to be created should be specified be next (see below image). There is also an option to create backups manually whenever it is needed.

What makes Cyotek CopyTools different from other copying tools is its simplicity. It is very easy to understand the tool and it has a multitude of options to choose from. People who need to backup their data frequently can try this excellent tool.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: (Beta)

Compatible with: Windows 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP

Download size: 2.58 MB

Rating: 9/10

Download link to the Software