The home screen of any Android phone or tablet is generally filled with the favorite apps and most used widgets of the user. All these apps can make the device’s screen clogged. Some people even like to keep their home-screens totally clean without anything other than a wallpaper. Sidebar plus is a new and interesting sidebar app for Android devices (for both phones and tablets) which makes it possible to put your favorite apps, contacts, and commonly accessed settings on the specially created side bars.

Sidebar Plus lets you to create sidebars with the preferred apps, widgets, and other items like bookmarks and contacts. The sidebars stay hidden and can be aligned either to the left or right of the phone’s home-screen. All you need to do for opening a sidebar is to long-tap on the left or right most tip of the display and drag your finger in the opposite direction. New sidebars can be created by tapping on the ‘+’ (plus) icon placed at the top right of the app’s home screen. It is possible to create a list bar, grid bar, or a hybrid of the two called as the ‘hybrid bar’.

The created bars can be managed by tapping on the three dotted menu placed next to each bar in the ‘Manage Bars’ section of the app. Apps can be added to the created bars either from the manage bars section or by long tapping on the bar.  Settings of the app enables to set various preferences for the side bars created and for the apps displayed on them. A big USP of the app is that it makes multitasking a breeze as you can open the sidebar while using any other  app.

Interface of the app is good but it will take a little bit of learning to get accustomed with its features. There are three different themes for customization and the app is available in 10 languages other than English. Sidebar Plus also works when the phone’s screen is locked which can create problems (this can be disabled from the app’s settings). Try out this app if you prefer a clean looking home-screen. The app is basically free but the free version supports only two bars after the 5 day trial period. A premium version which costs € 2.49 allows you to add as many bars as you like.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 2.1

Compatible with: Android 2.2 and above

Download size: 2.4 MB

Rating: 8/10

Download link to the App