The war for a pie in the wearable gadgets now seems to be spreading beyond the technology companies.  Adidas has released a new smartwatch called Micoach which marks the German firm’s entry into the market for sophisticated wearable gadgets. As Micoach is a full-fledged watch, it will not only compete with the likes of Nike’s Fuelband but also with other smartwatches that are available in the market.

Just like any other smartwatch which is available in the market, Micoach has in-built GPS and Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth feature enables Miwatch to connect with other devices like smartphones and tablets and also with wireless headphones for listening to songs. 4 GB of internal memory allows the users to store songs to listen during their early morning workouts. The killer feature of Micoach is that it is compatible with all the three major mobile OS that are available in the market, viz. Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. In contrast, Nike’s Fuelband is compatible only with iOS devies and Samsung Galaxy Gear works with selected Samsung’s Galaxy range of gadgets. Micoach runs on Android 4.1 has a 1.45 inch display which is smaller than the one seen on other smartwatches. It has a 410 mAh battery which lasts for 14 hours when the device’s sensors are off and just 4 hours when they are activated.

Costing US$ 399, the Micoach is more expensive than the recently released Samsung Galaxy Gear which costs US$ 299 and Nike’s latest Fuelband SE which is priced even cheaper at US$ 149. The more expensive price tag is justified by the addition of more features to Micoach. Micoach has an inbuilt optical heart rate monitor which monitors the heart beating on a real time basis and a real-time coaching system for athletes.

A major flip side to the new Micoach smartwatch is that it is very bulky when compared with other smartwatches released by other technology companies like Sony and Samsung. But given that it is specifically targeted at fitness junkies, this might not come in the way of its success. Micoach also doesn’t support third party apps.