Getting the meanings of words and sentences from a foreign language can be difficult when you are on the move. The existing services for translating words and sentences from one language to the other like Google Translate have lot of limitations as there is no human involvement in them. How about getting online help from real native speakers of the language? Linqapp is a new social translation app which makes it easy to get assistance from native speakers of the language for which you need help.

How Does Linqapp Work?

A new translation question can be asked to the other users of the app immediately after registering with an Email ID or through Facebook. The question can be typed in the form text or recorded in the form of an audio clip. There is also an option to snap a picture using the phone’s camera and ask a question about it. Questions posed by users of the app will be displayed as a news stream which looks similar to social networks like Facebook and Twitter. People who solve the translation questions will be rewarded through credits. Credits should be brought by the users from the Linqapp’s own store. Users can however ask questions even without offering any credits to others. But credits will increase the chances of getting the query solved quickly.

Users of the app can also find the users of the language for which they need assistance in their vicinity or from around the world using the . Interface of the Linqapp is very simple and easy to understand. The app is available in four major international languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, and German) and developers are adding new languages to the app faster.

Going by the smooth performance of the app, there is no doubt that Linqapp can emerge as one of the preferred social translation app.  Try Linqapp, if you need to understand the meaning of certain words in other languages often or if you travel frequently to other non English speaking countries. The app is available only for Android devices for now and the date on which it will be made available for iOS is not known yet.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 1.1

Compatible with: Android 2.2 and above

Download size: 3.9 MB

Rating: 8/10


Download Link: