Many people have a large old  music collection in CDs which they may want to convert to compressed audio formats. There are some other group of music lovers who still buy CDs or download music in the uncompressed format. They prefer to use the uncompressed formats when listening to music on their home music systems/car audio and the compressed formats while on the move. An audio software which can rip the audio files from the CDs and which can convert them from one format to the other is a must have for such music lovers.

FeyExtractor from feyTools is a good audio ripping software which can efficiently extract audio files from your CD collection and convert them from one format to the other. All  you need to do is to insert the CD which needs to be ripped and select one of the options from the ‘Convert’ menu. This menu has a number of options which include extracting CD files to WAV format, converting WAV files to the compressed format, recoding the compressed audio files to the normal format, etc.

FeyExtractor supports a variety of audio formats like MP3, WAV, OGG, and APE. Ripping of the audio files is done at high speeds and the converted files are normalized to ensure consistent volume levels. FeyExtractor has a superior jitter correction in place for quality control. Jitter control ensures that the quality of ripped files is restored to its original condition and correct any jitter which generally happens at the time of extraction. A good feature of this software is that the whole ripping process is done digitally. FeyExtractor doesn’t convert the extracted files to the analogue format first and reconvert them back to the digital format like some other audio ripping softwares do.

This free audio ripping software has a clean and easy to understand UI. But the interface looks a bit old fashioned when compared with other softwares in this category. It has three tool bars, viz. play toolbar, recording toolbar, and profile toolbar which sit at the top and to the side of the software. These toolbars make the operation of the software easy. FeyExtractor also has an inbuilt media player for playing the ripped files and a tool to record audio from analog input. Both these features can be accessed from the software’s ‘Tools’ menu. All in all, FeyExtractor is a complete audio ripping and conversion software with loads of features. Audiophiles can give it a try.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 2.2

Compatible with: Windows 98/ME/XP/Vista/7/8

Download size: 3 MB

Rating: 8/10

Download link to the software