Portable gadgets like mobile phones and tablets now let people to do every thing. Well, almost everything. Gone are the days when people have the time  for going through newspapers early in the morning or wait for the news bulletins on the TV. Mobile lifestyles of individuals make it necessary to stay informed on the go. Smaller screen sizes of mobile devices and the fact that people will be generally on the move when using their mobile phones makes it difficult to read lengthier news articles.

Circa is a new news app for Android which simplifies the tasking of following the news on the go. Rather than reproducing the news articles aggregated from different news sources, Circa presents the news in a easy to read concise format. Editorial staff rewrite the popular stories in brief format (mostly a paragraph or two).  Each of the story is accompanied by a picture for better clarity. As the news stories are developed from multiple sources any related quotes and facts too are given below the story.

News stories in which the readers are interested can be ‘followed’ and the app sends push notifications when ever there is an update on the stories that are being followed. Users can also get push notifications on important new stories (that are not followed) by enabling this feature from the app’s settings. This useful feature which is now found on many news apps,including the official news app of BBC  allows users to easily follow news stories as they break. All the sources on which the news stories are written are accessible by tapping on the ‘i’ icon found at the top of the app’s screen. A tap on the citation will open the original source through the device’s default browser. Interesting stories can be shared with the family and friends of the users through social networks, Email, Bluetooth, and other installed apps on the device.

App’s interface is clean and the inbuilt ‘help’ feature assists new users in understanding the app. Circa covers all major categories of news like politics, science, technology, health, and local US news.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 2.0.3

Compatible with: Android 4.0 and above

Download size: 3.8 MB

Rating: 9/10

Download link to the App