Modern lifestyle makes it difficult to get enough exercise our body needs. Tracking yours regular movements like walking and other physical activity like jogging and cycling can be of help in getting a fair idea as to whether your body is getting the required exercise or not. Moves is a new Android app which automatically tracks all your daily activity.

Moves is a simple activity tracking app which tracks all your daily activity by detecting your exact location through GPS. Whether you are walking, jogging, cycling or traveling through public transport; Moves records all this action which can be accessed by you later. The app has an inbuilt pedometer which counts the steps you have taken on a particular walk or a particular day. Each kind of activity like walking and cycling is displayed in the form of a circle on the app. Activity is recorded by the app in multiple metrics like kilometers walked/travelled, time spent on the activity, and the number of steps taken (in case of walking).

Since it works through GPS, the app can work with the map apps installed in your phone to locate the locations visited and paths travelled by you on a particular day. A nice feature of the app called story line helps you to view the day’s activity in the form a timeline (see image above). The summary of the day’s activity along with the story line can be shared with your friends through Email, Bluetooth, and Social Networks like Facebook and Google+.

Moves is not a regular fitness app for monitoring your workouts. There are many other fitness apps like Runkeeper and Endomondo Sports Tracker which can track your workouts well. Moves just helps you to monitor the exercise your body gets in your everyday life. This can help in altering your lifestyle for a more healthy body and mind.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 1.1.2

Compatible with: Android 4.0 and above

Download size: 2.1 MB

Rating: 9/10

Download link to the App