The market for smart watches is seeing lot of activity with the launch of Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch. Google too has announced that it had acquired the smartwatch maker WIMM one year earlier. This makes it amply clear that we can see more and more new launches in the emerging smartwatch space by industry heavy weights. But you need not wait till Google or Apple comes up with their smartwatches. There are lots of good options available in the market for early adopters. Below are the top 5 smartwatches that are available in the market:

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch (US$ 299)

The most recent entrant into the smartwatch sector is certainly the best we have seen so far. Already dominating the market for smartphones, Samsung didn’t want to leave any chance with its first smartwatch released in the market. Galaxy Gear has a jazzy stainless body and a 1.63 inch display (320 * 320). The smartwatch has a powerful 800 MHz processor and multiple connectivity options like Bluetooth and USB. The on board battery gives a backup of one full day and can be easily charged through USB. The strap of Galaxy Gear has a 1.9 megapixel camera fixed in it which can take snaps and also record HD quality (720p) videos. For people who want to save some data like images and music files, the Galaxy Gear has 4 GB of on board memory. The only major limitation with Galaxy Gear is that it is only compatible with some latest Galaxy devices. Even as Samsung said that support for the older Galaxy devices will be coming soon, Galaxy Gear is a strict no no for people who buy gadgets made by other device manufacturers like Apple and HTC.

Sony SmartWatch 2 (US$ 199)

Sony SmartWatch 2 is another great smartwatch with loads of features. Unlike the Galaxy Gear, the Sony SmartWatch 2 is compatible with most of the Android devices made by different handset manufacturers. SmartWatch 2 has a aluminum body and a silicon/stainless steel wristband which makes it very light on your wrist. The 1.6 inch display with a resolution of 220×176 pixels is good enough to view images and notifications. SmartWatch 2’s battery gives a backup of 3-4 days in normal usage conditions and can be charged through micro USB. It has more connectivity options than the Galaxy Gear like NFC, USB, and  Bluetooth to connect with other devices. This smartwatch comes preloaded with lots of apps like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Weather, etc. Despite a great feature set, one key miss from the SmartWatch 2 is an inbuilt camera. But that need not bother you much as the cameras embedded in your smartphones and tablets are great snappers.

Pebble E-Paper Watch (US$ 150)

The crowd funded Pebble e-Paper Watch  is a much simpler smartwatch which can work with both Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) devices. It has a 1.26 inch black and white display with resolution of 144 × 168 pixels. Pebble Smartwatch can communicate with other devices through Bluetooth. It has a battery backup of 7 days with a single charge and it can be charged through USB port. Pebble E-Paper watch has several sensors like magnetometer, accelerometer, and GPS. The smartwatch has lots of apps exclusively developed for it and even has an exclusive app store from where apps can be downloaded. Pebble E-Paper Watch looks very thinner and lighter than other smartwatches that are entering the market and is good for people who are looking for a simpler smartwatch.

Martian G2G (US$ 250)

People have never stopped preferrring Analogue watches despite the spread of the digital variety. And Maritan G2G is the smartwatch for people who want a smartwatch with the look and feel of a conventional analogue watch. Martian G2G looks like any other conventional with a small OLED display (96 x 16 pixel) placed at the bottom. The display notifies the user on incoming calls, text messages, and social network updates. Users can also enjoy hands-free text messaging with its support for voice commands. Martian G2G works on a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery which needs to be recharged periodically. This smartwatch works with both Android and iOS devices and is available in multiple colors with a chic design.

Cookoo Watch (US$ 130)

Cookoo Watch is another smartwatch which looks like a regular watch but embedded with the powers of a smartwatch. This smartwatch shows time with its hands and smartwatch’s dial functions as the display to show different kinds of notifications. Cookoo Watch is only compatible with iOS devices and connects to other devices with Bluetooth. This watch need not be charged regularly like other smartwatches as it has a standard button-cell battery which can be easily replaced on your own. Just like the Martian, the Cookoo is also available in multiple colors but looks a lot sleeker and well designed than the former.