There are lots of note taking apps available in the market for Android and iOS devices. The most popular of them being the Evernote and Google Keep. All these note taking apps have lots of  features and allow the users to record text notes, photos, and even voice reminders. All this can make these apps quite complex for some users. This was what I felt when I first started using Evernote. All I wanted was a basic note taking app with the ability to record simple text notes like Membership nos, Bank account nos, and Customer IDs.

Simplenote is one such simple note taking app for Android and iOS devices.  It has a very basic functionality to take note of important things which are difficult to remember. Developed by the creators of the popular blogging platform WordPress, Simplenote was first released for iOS devices and was well received by users.

You will be welcomed by an ‘All Notes’ page as soon as you open the app. All the notes which are created earlier will be displayed on this page along with their tags. A tap on the ‘+’ (plus) symbol on the top right of the app allows you to create a new note. Each note can be given a tag and notes which are considered to be important can be pinned by tapping on the small circle at the top right of the display. A simple search feature helps to search all the notes which were created. The created notes can be shared with others through Bluetooth, Email, Social Networks, and even with other Apps installed in your phone like WhatsApp. Notes which are deleted stay in the trash section of the app till they are completely deleted. Creating an account with Simplenote will make it possible to store all the created notes on the cloud. Users with an account can also access their notes on multiple devices they use as Simplenote is available for Macs, iOS devices, and Kindle.

The biggest USP of the app is its simplistic design. Everything can be understood easily at the time of first use itself. A basic user guide elucidating its different features is anyhow included along with the app. Unlike other note takig apps like Evernote which give limited storage space for free, Simplenote is completely free. I recommend the readers to give it a try if you are looking for a basic note taking app which is simple but comes with a limited menu.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 for Android

Compatible with: Android 4.0.3 and above

Download size: 752 KB

Rating: 9/10

Download link to the App