One of the secrets behind Google’s continued dominance of the technology world is its ability to quickly adapt to the changing environment. Being an Internet company, Google’s vision of dominating the technology world was to make Internet as the lynch pin for all its products and services. And so came the Chrome Browser in the year 2008. Google wanted to make its Chrome browser its core product which can be used for accessing its other products like Google Docs and Google Earth. The Chrome browser was to be later backed up by Chrome OS and thereby targeting Microsoft’s OS. Chrome was well received by customers as it offered good speed and features while being extremely simple. But the growing popularity of Apple’s iPhone and its associated app network made many people to consider apps as their preferred way of accessing the Internet.

Google adapted fast to the changing scenario and built up a good app network for its Android OS which went on to beat iOS head on. Google then started to provide apps for its Chrome web browser. These apps only worked through the web browser and most of them needed an Internet connection to function. Now with the advent of Windows 8 and the touch enabled ‘convertible laptops’, Google has released its own desktop apps which can function independently without the need of a browser.

These new breed of Desktop apps can be downloaded from here and are stored in a new PC application called ‘Chrome App Launcher’. The Chrome App Launcher is like a separate start menu which can be used for launching both Chrome Desktop apps and Chrome Web apps. The web apps are displayed just like any other application shortcut which open a web page when clicked on them. Teh new desktop apps are also displayed on the browser along with the other apps which can be accessed through the new ‘Apps’ icon placed on the bookmarks tool-bar. For now there are a very limited number of desktops that are available on the store. Some of the best ones you can consider include Lockify (to encrypt private messages), Any.Do (to manage your tasks), WeatherBug (to get latest weather updates), and exfem (to find and share new music).

Google will come out with more desktop apps and compete more aggressively with the likes of Microsoft and Apple in future. Chrome desktop apps work only with Windows OS for now and support for Mac and Linux is expected to be released soon.