The real time picture chatting service ‘Snachat’ was an instant hit among the younger population. The ability to send images to your friends which get self-destructed was the killer feature of the app. But most of online chatting between friends happens through text. Ansa, a new messaging application wants to fill this gap by allowing its users to send photos, videos, and text which get self-destructed after the preset time period is reached.

Using Ansa you can send text messages, photos, and videos to your friends without leaving a record behind. You need to first register yourself with the service with your Email ID. The welcome page of the app shows options to create and send a doodle, photo or video from your phone. You can create a doodle or snap a picture/shoot a video to be sent or select from your phone’s media library. There is also an option to search for images and videos on Google Images/YouTube and send them to your friends. Once you select the picture/video or type the message to be sent, you need to select the time for the self-destruction of the message. The app’s doodle creator has options to draw fun drawings and add filters. The created multimedia messages will be delivered to the selected receivers once to tap the send button.

If you want to enter into an extended anonymous chat with your friends, just press on the gear icon located on the top right of the phone’s chat screen and select ‘Go Off the Record’ mode. Every chat message sent in the ‘Off Record Mode’ will destruct itself within 60 seconds after it is received. Settings of the app which are accessible by clicking the three line menu let you to change the details of your profile and some basic chat settings like notification tone and vibration.

What Ansa promises is to take the concept of ‘communicate without leaving a record’ behind a step further. And it does this job fine. The app will be of great use to teenagers and people who like gossiping. But there are some minor glitches that developers need to fix in the app like the time delay in accessing the phone’s contact list while selecting the recipients.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 1.0.4

Rating: 8/10

Supported OS: Android 2.2 and above

Download size: 12 MB

Download link to the App