As the adage goes, Birds of same feather flock together. Yes, we all share our interests with our friends. And knowing what your friends think about anything you want to search makes the search more personal. This is the reason why all major search engines like Google and Bing are integrating social networking activity into their search results. But social activity is still not made available across different Internet companies. Google now has access to Twitter data but not to activity on Facebook. This is still a big stumbling block in integration of social networks with search results. And, social activity shown in the search results is the ones which is most liked or most shared by everybody but not what your friends were talking about.

Wajam is a social search service which lets you to search the information your friends have shared on various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google +. Wajam makes your search experience more personal by adding your friends ideas and knowledge to your search results. When you are searching for anything you want on search engines, Wajam gives related results from the content shared by your friends on social networks apart from the normal search results. It gives a social layer to your search results which is based on your friends activity on social networks. Simply put, Wajam makes your friend’s knowledge available to you when you need it the most. Results given by Wajam include links, photos, and other text posts from your friends.

Wajam is available as a browser extension and works for search engines like Google, Bing, Blekko, Amazon, Wikipedia, etc. You need to just add the Wajam extension to your browser and login with your Facebook or Twitter account. The next step involves specifying the social networks you want Wajam to search for you. Wajam makes money by the ads displayed along with the search results. If you are only interested in what your friends have shared on their social network profiles, Wajam’s website has a social search engine which gives results from the posts shared by your friends.

Eventhough Wajam was initially limited to desktop searches, its services were later made available to devices running on iOS. Wajam is also planning to make its services available to devices running on Android Windows Phone OS.