Some of the most popular posts on technology blogs are regarding product comparisons. Most of the time consumers filter out most of the products available in a product segment easily from their consideration set and get confused choosing between two products. For E.g. many people don’t know whether to buy the recent Apple iPhone or the latest Samsung Galaxy series of smartphones. But, the different combinations  of products that different consumers need to choose from means that product comparison reviews  are not available for all products and combinations.

A new startup called toutpost aims to build a community of experts on any specific field and enthusiasts  who can give product comparison advice to consumers. Toutpost is a combination of two words ‘Tout’ meaning to promote and ‘Post’ meaning to post a comparison to the service. The service was founded by three former employees of social gaming major Zynga. People who like to share their opinions on products can sign-up for the service a create a comparison between two products called as a ’bout’. A bout can also compare different brands or two product categories. Other members of the toutpost community shares their opinions on the existing bouts. They can vote which of the two products which are compared under a specific bout they prefer. Other community members can also give their opinions in the form of comments. All these things add a social angle to the service making it more appealing. And as there will be multiple bouts on a single product, each product featured in the service will have a page where all the top opinions expressed by the community members will be listed.

There are no restrictions on people who want to enter the service. Anybody can create comparisons (bouts) on almost anything. What ultimately matters is how well their bouts are ranked and commented by other community members. As the service is open to everybody, there will no paid reviews which can be biased. If a community member’s bouts gets good positive votes, they will get an appreciation badge. People who post good comments also earn merit points. The service is not making any money for now but may place advertisements in future to monetize the website.

Toupost started gaining good attention immediately after its launch. So, next time when you are faced with the dilemma of choosing between two products, head to Toutpost and checkout the bouts.