The growth of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter over the past few years has been phenomenal. Every technology analyst now agrees that the future of Internet belongs to social networks. It is no wonder that Google is leaving no stone unturned to make ‘Google +’ a success. The presence of big players like Facebook and Twitter has not dithered new and innovative social networks from trying to capture a share of this burgeoning market.

Below are the top 5 latest social networks creating waves:


Launched in 2012, Pheed is a new social media platform which allows its users to share all kinds of digital content like text, photos, video clips, and live broadcasts in the form of a channel. This social network gained instant popularity among teenagers and young adults immediately after it was launched. Users can view the content of other Pheed users by subscribing to their channels. Users can express their give their comments on others’ content as well as reshare the content using a feature called ‘remix’. Pheed differentiates itself from other social networks by offering its users an option to monetize their content. Users with unique and premium content can sell content either through monthly subscriptions to their channels or through pay-per-view charges. Pheed is now used by many celebrities like Paris Hilton and Chris Brown.


Telly is a video based social network which enables users to share their videos with others as well as follow other’s videos (family members, friends, and celebrities). Even though the service can be accessed on the Internet, most people use the service through apps on mobile phones. A feed is created once you select the people you want to follow. Users of Telly can even follow people who are not on Telly’s network. Videos which are uploaded to the Telly’s network as well as videos from other social networks like Facebook and Twitter are added to your feed. Telly’s mobile apps even allow users to create and edit videos of any length on their mobile phones and upload them directly to Telly’s cloud network.


Medium is a new self-publishing platform from the co-founder of Twitter, Ev Williams. Medium aims to make writing and publishing more social by making it easier for both readers and writers to create and share the content on Medium’s network. All the posts published on Medium have more than 140 characters and are accessible by everyone registered on the network. Freelance content writers are paid by Medium on a per-word or per article basis (Medium has its own in-house professional contributors too). Lot of emphasis is put on collaboration. Writers contributing to the network can get feedback on their content from other writers both before and after it is published. Medium is not open to public for now. Select freelance writers and journalists who are invited to the network can only write content.


Snapchat is a photo sharing service available for both Android and iOS platforms. Like other photo sharing apps, images shot on mobile phones can be instantly shared with other using the app. But the key aspect that differentiates Snapchat from others is that the shared images are self destructible after certain time. Senders of images can set the time within which the receivers can view the images. Its a good way to share private images or images which you don’t want to be saved by others.


There may be situations when you want to take the opinions of others on a certain things. Thumb is a new mobile social network which makes it possible to get instant opinions from the members of Thumb community. Its called ‘personal crowdsourcing’. All you need to do is to snap an image and post in on the network seeking clarifications. You will get answers and opinions from other users of the social network in the form of comments, thumbsup or thumbsdown. Users of Thumb have higher engagement rates and you can get hundreds of opinions on any query within hours.