Do you often search for information on the Internet from your mobile phone? The virtual keypads and smaller displays coupled with the fact that you will be on the move (not sitting at any one place) makes it difficult to open the browser or search app and type the topics you want to search for. It can be a bigger problem if you want to search on multiple search engines at once just like how you do on your desktops when there is a need. Opening and closing multiple multiple tabs on your phone’s browser can be too annoying.

CrossSearch is a simple app for Android phones which makes it very easy to search multiple search engines at once. The app looks like just any other search app. The moment you open the app, a search bar is displayed on the top of the app’s homescreen where you need to type in your search words. Four different search engines from which you can get information are shown in the form of tabs above the search box. The default search engines shown are: Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Wikipedia (see image below). A search on the app shows results from the first search engine in the list displayed. If you want to view results from another search engine all you need to do is to tap on another tab. Results from another search engine too are downloaded and displayed in less than a second. The app also has support for voice search.

The 4 search engines from which you prefer to search information can be changed from the app’s settings. CrossSearch supports 24 different popular search engines. The app doesn’t do anything more than other search apps for Android. But it brings in lot of convenience. The app is free and the developers make money from the ads displayed at the bottom of the app’s display. There are no cons found for the app during my test usage. But I hope that developers will add more features to the app in its future versions.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 1.3.1

Rating: 8/10

Supported OS: Android 1.6 and above

Download size: 373 KB

Download link to the App on Play Store