Pearltrees is a paris-based  curation and discovery service which enables people to collect, organize and share information on the Internet easily. It started its operations in the year 2009 and has steadily built up a sizable user base. Users of the service can collect the information they like from the Internet and organize it well for future reference and usage. The collected information can also be shared with anybody they want. Each unit of  information that is collected is known as a pearl and the total curated information by a user is displayed in the form of a tree-like structure. Related units of information can be grouped by linking them to one mother pearl. Eventhough the service was limited to information collected on the Internet, Pearltrees has recently allowed users to add images and text notes of users as pearls.

As mobile devices are now increasingly being used to consume content, Pearltrees has recently released an app for Android devices. With the new app, Pearltrees wants to emerge as the preferred way in which people collect, organize, and share files with others on their mobile phones. Saving and organizing information on mobile phones is a bit more complicated than it is on desktops and laptops. With the new app, users can add and organize content from the device, from the web, and from other apps installed on the device. The information that is added to the Pearltrees service from the mobile devices  can be later accessed from your desktops and laptops.

The app has one of the best interfaces seen recently released apps for Android. Adding and deleting Pearls with the touch of your finger is smooth and seamless. ‘Add to Pearltrees’ option will be added to the share button of other apps and browsers installed on the Android devices to facilitate quick and easy adding of information in the form of a Pearl to the Pearltrees service. Information you post on social networks like Facebook and Twitter can also be added as Pearls. You need to first login to your Pearltrees account from your desktop and connect the accounts. Connecting to other Pearltrees users with similar interests and cultivating your account too is very simple.

The app worked smoothly during my test run and there are no negative aspects. You will surely like the app if you have the habit of searching, collecting, and sharing content directly on your smart phones and tablets.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 1.0.4

Rating: 9/10

Supported OS: Android 2.2 and above

Download size: 6.6 MB

Download link to the App