Building a blog is tough. You need to write quality content, design your blog, and promote it effectively. Its like single shareholder company working on everything. How about a simple publishing platform where everyone can publish their content and get paid. Writers need not worry about anything other than creating quality content. Everything else is taken care of by the  managers of the publishing platform. is a new self-publishing platform founded by Ev Williams, the co-founder of Twitter which aims to do just this.

Medium is something like the old newspaper and magazine where articles submitted by freelance writers are reviewed by editors and the writers are in turn paid on a per article or per word basis. Writers can simply get registered with Medium and start publishing their content. There were some other other online publishing platforms which tried to do the same in the past but failed to get any attention from both writers and readers. But, Medium is different or at-least that is what its founders want everybody to believe. Each post will have more than 140 characters and anybody on the platform can read the posts published on the platform. Posts written by different writers are pooled as collections for making it easy to find the needed information.

Medium also puts lot of emphasis on collaboration. Writers can get feedback on their content from other writers both before and after the content is published. Other members of the platform can review and give their suggestions to improve the quality of content further. Some of the best articles selected by the editors of Medium are highlighted as editor’s picks (see image above). Readers can also rate the articles they read just like in the case of normal blog posts. Top rated posts for each month are published as ‘Medium Top 100’. Drafting the posts for publishing on Medium too is made totally effortless. Medium offers a very easy to use composing tool when compared to other publishing platforms like WordPress.  Many writers who have already contributed to the platform have rated the Medium’s web-based editor as the best they they have ever seen.

Apart from the freelance content writers, Medium will also have its own in-house professional contributors just like newspapers and magazines which have their own reporters. For now Medium is not open to public. Anybody can login to the platform with their Twitter IDs and read the content posted there. But writing and publishing content on the platform is limited to a handful of chosen freelance writers, and journalists.

Medium is getting lot of interest from high profile freelance writers and thought leaders. The real challenge for Ev Williams and his team lies in maintaining the same momentum once this self-publishing platform is opened to public.