Have you ever faced difficulty in opening a website in a particular browser? The same website might open well in another browser well. In such cases, you may need to view the same website in multiple browsers. The reason for this is the different rendering engines for which websites are designed. Rendering engines or web browser engines are software components in a web browser that display content of a web page  to the viewers. Different web browsers use different rendering engines. Websites designed for a specific rendering engine might not be displayed well on browsers with a different rendering engine. For E.g. most websites of banks are specially designed for Trident rendering engine and hence might not be displayed well on browsers other than Internet Explorer.

Lunascape is a unique web browser in which multiple rendering engines are integrated to give optimal browsing experience. Lunascape  comes with three rendering engines viz. Trident (used in Internet Explorer), Gecko (used in Firefox), and WebKit (used in Chrome and Safari) and gives the power of multiple browsers in one. Users can switch between these rendering engines while browsing a website and find the one which best suits the webpage they are viewing. A drop down menu placed to the right of the browser’s address bar makes it possible to toggle between multiple rendering engines as well as change the default rendering engine of the browser. If a webpage you are viewing is not displayed well you can try out a new rendering engine with  a single click. The page is refreshed quickly and displays the content of webpage properly. If you access a website often you can register it in the auto-engine-switch list so that it always opens with the specified rendering engine irrespective of the default engine set for Lunascape (see image below).

The website has a tabbed interface which is seen in almost all the latest versions of the browsers. All the features found in the latest browsers are available in the Lunascape. Look of the browser can be altered by choosing between the different skins available for it. A unique cascade view allows you to view all the open tabs placed adjacent to each other in a single window. This feature can be quite useful for professional website designers to check how a website looks when using different rendering engines.

Despite its interesting features, Lunascape has a very bad UI. Users of modern browsers like Google Chrome might find the interface of Lunascape to be too cluttered. Just like Slim Boat, Lunascape is a specialized browser and can’t be your primary browser. Try using it as a secondary browser if you often face problems opening some websites or if you are a web designer with different needs. The browser is currently available only for Windows (for desktops) and for iOS and Android (for smart phones and tablets). Lunascape’s website says that a version for Mac OS will be released soon.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 6.8.7

Rating: 7/10

Supported OS: Windows XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7

Download size: 16.4 MB

Download link to the Software