The stuff we have been seeing on the science fiction movies seems to be getting real. As technology gets increasingly personal, more and more gadget manufacturers are focusing on developing wearable gadgets. One of the main reason for this trend is that the market for premium priced mobile phones and tablets is peaking out and technology companies are looking for new gadgets to fuel their future growth. Some of these wearable gadgets just add to the functionality of the existing gadgets while the others work independently. Below are the top three cool wearable gadgets:

Wearable Cameras

Wearable cameras are the latest gadgets that are being tried by startups. The latest wearable cameras are meant for normal everyday use and doesn’t mean the old spy cameras found in pens and watches.  A Sweedish startup called Memoto has recently launched stamp-sized wearable cameras which can be pinned to your shirt and record all the happenings around you. These wearable cameras record every moment of your life  and create lifelogs by snapping an image every 30 seconds. The location at which images are snapped is also recorded through the on-board GPS. Memoto cameras shoot 2,880 images everyday which are grouped into clusters f0r quick access. The images taken can be transfered to your computer and from there to the cloud for future access. Unwanted images can also be removed at the time of uploading to save space. Memoto charges a small fixed monthly charge for availing their cloud storage service. The quality of Memoto cameras is good and is comparable to that of the 5 megapixel cameras commonly found on mobile phones. Video recording is not yet supported but may be included in future. The price of a Memoto camera is US$ 279 and it is now available for preorder from the company’s website. There is no news of any big company working on wearable cameras yet. But biggies like Apple and Google may enter the scene if the idea of wearable cameras catches on with the customers.

Smart Watches

After making a retreat from the market during the last decade, Smart Watches are reentering the market now. Smart watches can perform several functions like giving alerts on new calls/messages, updates from social networks, monitoring heartbeat, giving weather updates, etc. They have their own processor, OS, and apps. Smart Watches connect to other gadgets like smart phones and tablets through Bluetooth/WiFi. Some of the smart watches available in the market now run on the popular Android OS making them compatible with a vast range of gadgets. Some smart watches have GPS connectivity too. One major problem with smart watches is that their batteries need to be regularly charged (generally once in a week) just like in the case of mobile phones which can be a hassle. Apart from big technology companies, small startups too are working on smart watches. A new smart watch from the startup Pebble called Pebble E-Paper Watch launched recently got lot of attention in the market. Pebble has even opened its own app store for the apps developed for its smart watches. The market for smart watches will see lot of activity in the near future as Samsung and Microsoft too are rumored to be working on their own smart watches.

Smart Glasses

Smart Glasses are a kind of wearable computers which can display the content on a tiny display always placed right before the eye. Just like smart watches, Smart glasses connect to other devices like smart phones and tablets through wireless technologies like Bluetooth/WiFi for performing various activities. Apart from a tiny display, smart watches also have a small camera for snapping pictures/recording videos, GPS chip, microphone, touchpad, a small processor, and their own OS. Users can attend to phone calls directly from the microphone located in the smart glasses without ever taking their phones out. The recently released Vuzix M100 is the first smart eye glasses to be available in the market. Vumix M100 runs on Android OS and is compatible with devices running both on Android and iOS. It even has its own custom developed apps. Google too is set to release its own smart glasses dubbed as ‘Google Glass’ in the last quarter of 2013 which can make them more mainstream.