CPU-Z is one of most popular freeware tools to know information about a Windows Computer’s system data. The developers of CPU-Z have now made this useful tool available to Android devices. The tool performs the same function as it did in the desktop computers, viz. giving in-depth information and helping to know your Android phone better.

The app is very light (just 260 KB) and installs in seconds. Information displayed by app is divided into five different tabs. This arrangement makes the app clutter free. The first screen displays the SOC (system on chip) details for each of its core like its name, architecture, clock speed, current CPU load, number of cores, and information regarding the on-board GPU. Second tab displays the system information like the device brand, model, Android version installed, display resolution, RAM (total and available), storage, and whether there is root access or not.

The third tab gives information regarding the phone’s battery like its current health, current charge level, technology (Li-Ion, Li-Poly, etc.), temperature, and voltage. Since smart phones now come with lots of inbuilt sensors, the fourth tab shows information regarding sensors in a phone like Accelerometer, Compass, Proximity Sensor, etc. The last ‘About tab’ gives the version of App currently installed on the phone. A few of the app’s settings can also be changed by the user from this tab.

The app is still in Beta and users can send information regarding the bugs they might notice (some users pointed that it shows wrong CPU/GPU names).  Some of the information given by the app can be accessed from device’s settings itself. There are other apps on the Play Store which can give the other information shown by the app. CPU-Z tries to integrate all that information at one place and it does this job quite well. This app is especially useful for people who root their devices and want to monitor its performance constantly.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 1.02


Supported OS: Android 3.0 and above

Download size: 260 KB

Download link to the Software