Most users of Android phones face issues with their device’s memory. The limited internal memory of Android phones will get quickly consumed by apps and cache. There are lots of apps available on the Play Store for cleaning Android devices. But most of them have limited functionality and can’t perform all the necessary cleaning and optimization tasks. Clean Master is the best cleaning app for Android phones/tablets with all the requisite features needed to keep your Android powered gadgets free from unwanted files and other data.

Clean Master has a very simple and clutter free interface. As soon as the app is opened, its home-screen displays the total and free memory in the device and its external memory card (SD Card). The four modules of the app which perform different functions are displayed on lower part of the home-screen. The first and the most important module of the app is ‘Junk Files’. This module cleans up the Cache and the residual files of the device. As soon as you click on the module, the app scans for the Cache and residual files on the phone/tablet and gives the space that can be freed by deleting them. The app cleans up the Cache and residual files as soon as you tap on the clean icon.

The ‘Privacy’ module cleans up the sensitive personal information recorded by various apps in your Android device like passwords, browser history, call logs, SMS/MMS, etc. The kind of private information which will be deleted by the app will be shown below each of the app so that you can decide whether to include a specific app in the cleaning process or not. For E.g. you may not want to delete the received messages and call logs in your phone.

The ‘Task Manager’ module is essentially an advanced task manager which can stop some unnecessary apps running in the background so that more RAM will be released to speed up the device and also save the device’s battery. The fourth (and last) ‘App Manager’ module can uninstall unwanted apps as well as create backup for the APK files in the SD card so that you can reinstall them whenever you want later.

The tasks performed by the Task Manager and App Manager modules can as well be performed from the phone’s settings itself. But Clean Master makes it possible to do all the clean up and device optimization tasks from a single easy to use app. Settings of the app can be accessed from the menu found at the top right of the app’s home-screen. You can set the app’s language, frequency at which the app should check and clean the device’s cache, ignore list, etc. from the app’s settings.

Overall, Clean Master is a superb Android cleaning app which can perform a large variety of cleaning and optimization tasks. I recommend it as a must have app for every Android phone/tablet.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 3.6.0


Supported OS: Android 2.1 and above

Download size: 5.2 MB

Download link on the Play Store