Are you a book worm? Then you should be having lots and lots of ebooks, e-newspapers, and e-magazines loaded on your Computer, Kindle and other portable gadgets like a smart phone or tablet. Managing this huge collection can be very difficult as they will scattered across several devices and gadgets. Calibre is good  Ebook management software which makes it very easy to manage your growing collection of Ebooks.

When the software is opened for the first time after installation, you need to configure it by selecting your language and choosing your Ebook reader. Calibre supports a large range of Ebook readers like Kindle, Nook, Kobo Vox, and other gadgets powered by Android and iOS. Ebooks stored on your PC’s hard drive or any other gadgets can be added to Calibre by clicking on the ‘Add books’ icon found on the top left corner of the software’s home screen. Ebooks added to Calibre are neatly classified on the basis of their authors, languages, publishers, etc. A side bar placed on the left of the library facilitates accessing books basing on any of these classifications. Metadata of an Ebook (author’s name, tags, publisher details, etc.) can be altered by clicking on the edit metadata icon on the top of the software. Calibre has an inbuilt ebook reader to preview/read the books added to its library. All basic options found in any ebook reader like adjustment of font size, search, highlighting the selected text, bookmarking a particular location of an ebook, etc. are available in Calibre’s ebook reader too.

Calibre can convert an Ebook into multiple formats with its inbuilt format converter. The converted books can be customized as per your requirements like selecting your preferred cover page, giving your preferred font size, margins, etc. Calibre also supports batch conversion of Ebooks for faster processing. The ebook formats supported by Calibre are exhaustive. The complete list of supported formats is available on the developer’s website.

Interface of Calibre is fluid and easy to understand. A tool bar placed at the top of its home screen makes it easy to access its various functions with a single click. Ebooks, magazines, and newspapers can be fetched and downloaded directly from various Ebook stores and Newspaper/Magazine publishers. There is even an option to set scheduled downloads of newspapers and magazines.

Despite being a complete Ebook management solution, the functioning of the software is not smooth. During my test runs, the software sometimes closed abruptly and the conversion of Ebooks from one format to other took very longtime in case of bigger files. These issues should be addressed by the developers in the software’s future versions.

Calibre is the best Ebook management software with a comprehensive set of features that I have come across till now. I strongly recommend it for book lovers.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 0.9.39

Rating: 7/10

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Download size: 50 MB

Download link to the Software