Life of a new blogger is tough and finding a way to monetize their blogs is tougher still. Getting approval from market leaders in online advertising like Google Adsense and BuySellAds  will take time. The advertising revenues for new blogs is also very less. But the limited income can help new bloggers in improving their site quality (buying a premium theme or getting a new freelance writer). There are some good online advertising networks which easily approval even new blogs. Some of them are even touted as the best alternatives to Google Adsense. Below are the five best online advertising networks for new blogs:


Infolinks is one of the most popular in-text advertising networks in the world. Ads are placed directly in your blog’s text content by converting keywords into advertising links. Infolinks offers lot of customization options for its ads. You can decide the number, color, and the link style (doubled underlined or dotted). Apart from the InText ads, Infolinks also offers other kinds of ad formats like InSearch, InTag, and InFrame ads. New bloggers can use these other formats too depending upon their need. Getting approval Infolinks is very easy when compared with many other advertising networks. The minimum payout limit is US$ 50 (through PayPal). A major problem with Infolinks is that the in-text ads look spammy and may annoy your visitors. A simple way to overcome this problem is by limiting the number of in-text ads placed (between 5 to 7) and by changing the display of the link to a dotted line instead of the default double-underline.


Qadabra is a new advertising service which focuses on banner ads. They offer high quality banner ads which are on par with other leading advertising networks. Qadabra differentiates itself through a hassle free sign up and ad placement process. There are no traffic requirements and approval is instant. The minimum payout limit is just US$ 1. All these things make it a very ideal choice for new bloggers. Qadabra is now increasingly focusing on rich media ads (layer banners, pop-ups, etc.).

(Click here for thorough review of Qadabra)


Viglink is unique affiliate marketing service which converts keywords and product links in your blog posts into affiliate links. It is probably simplest way for bloggers to make money through affiliate marketing. VigLink has tie up with nearly 30,000 merchants around the world so that you get the best affiliate links for your blog. Getting approval for VigLink and adding links is a breeze. There is no payout limit for VigLink. What ever money you make will be paid to you each month (after a waiting period of 60 days). Just like in the case of Infolinks, just remember to limit the number of affiliate links on per each page (preferably 5). Too many affiliate marketing links might make your blog posts look spammy.


Chitika in Telugu language (spoken in Southern India) means ‘snap of the fingers’ and represents the speed at which this advertising network can display ads on a website. This could be the only advertising network in this list for which getting approved might be a bit difficult. But, Chitika is considered the next best advertising network to Google Adsense. Some bloggers even report earning 20%-30% more from Chitika than what they earn from Adsense. Chitika displays ads  based on the search queries of the visitors so that they see highly targeted ads. This advertising network is good for bloggers who get more traffic from USA and Canada. But, Chitika is now providing local ads for visitors from other countries through tie ups with ad networks around the world. You can try Chitika for text ads placed in the middle of your blog posts for good results.


 Clicksor is a contextual online advertising network which shows ads depending on the content of your blog. Both image and text ads can be displayed in different ad sizes. It also offers other ad formats like in-text, pop-unders, interstitial ads, etc. Getting approval and placing your ads is easy. One of the reason many bloggers suggest Clicksor as an Adsense alternative is that is shows very relevant ads to the content on your site. The minimum payout limit is US$ 50 through PayPal. The quality of ads displayed by Clicksor are not so good. Nevetheless, you can give it a try and see it for yourself.