Android OS has come a long way since it was first introduced in the market by Google in October, 2008. Google acquired Android in 2005 and has committed lot of resources for its development. Android has a 75 percent share in the global smart phone market now. Google doesn’t charge anything from the device manufacturers for Android and the OS is completely free. Being open source makes it possible f0r device manufacturers to modify Android to suit their requirements. The popularity of Android made it the OS of future and device manufacturers (including Google itself) are deploying it in many other gadgets apart from smart phones and tablets. Below are some of the Android powered gadgets (other than smart phones and tablets):

Android Powered Smart Watches

Device manufacturers are now again bringing new range of Smart Watches after their initial failure in 2004. These latest Smart Watches perform some independent functions as well as complement the functioning of smart phones and tablets like notifying about the new calls and messages received, giving weather updates, giving updates from social networks like Facebook and Twitter, etc. Sony’s recently released Android Smart Watch called SmartWatch 2 and I’am Watch from Italy’s I’m are the two notable smart watches running on Android OS. Both these gadgets can connect with Android devices through Bluetooth and NFC and can be used as second screens to the latter. Device manufacturers also developing separate apps to be used on these Android smart watches.

Android Powered Smart Cameras

Android OS is now seen on digital cameras which are dubbed as smart cameras. Android powered smart cameras can do lot more than the regular digital cameras. Android OS makes it possible to include more features in them and also makes it easier to access them with its friendly UI. Some of the features of Android powered smart cameras are: editing of pics and videos shot (on the camera itself), easy sharing with other gadgets, ability to take back-up on the cloud, voice control, etc. Samsung’s Galaxy Camera and Polaroid’s SC1630 are the two best Android cameras that are available in the market now.

Android Powered Gaming Consoles

Android has a vast collection of games available for it on the Play Store. Device manufacturers are manufacturing separate gaming consoles which can play all these games on bigger screens like HD televisions, Desktops, and Laptops. Ouya and GamePop are two popular Android gaming consoles which facilitate playing of Android games on televisions while Nvidia’s Shield is a handheld Android gaming console (see image above) which resembles Sony’s PSP. Another interesting Android gaming console is the GameStick which looks like a USB flash drive and plugs into HDMI ports of any HDTVs. Most of these gaming consoles can directly connect to the Play Store for downloading games. Google too is rumored to be working on developing its own gaming console running on Android to rival the likes of Microsoft’s Xbox.

Android Powered Smart TVs

The global television market is moving towards Smart TVs which can browse the internet, stream movies and other video online, chat with others online, etc. Television manufacturers are now bringing more and more Android powered smart televisions to the market. An Android TV will have access to the millions of apps, movies, and games that are now available on the Play Store. LG’s Google TV are Nyxio Smart Android TV are the popular Android Smart TVs available in the market now.

Google Glass

Google Glass is a wearable gadget (computer) which displays information accessed from Android powered smart phones and tablets on its small display . This wearable gadget also has a tiny camera for taking pictures and record videos. Google Glass can be controlled through voice, touch, and gestures. Google is now working closely with developers to develop special Android apps for it. The release date of this gadget is not announced yet. If successful in the market, other device manufacturers like Samsung and LG too might come up with their own versions of Google Glass.