After the 7 inch  and 10 inch tablets which have been dominating the market for some time, it is the turn of the 8 inchers now. 8 inch tablets are easier to carry around than the bigger 10 inch tablets and certainly give better user experience than the smaller 7 inch tablets. And with smart phones (more appropriately phablets) now coming with 6 inch displays (remember the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 ), 7 inchers might be considered as too smaller to be called tablets anymore.

Apple has started the trend with its iPad Mini which was so well received in the market that it has even started cannibalizing the sales of its elder brother, the original 10 inch iPad. Samsung took the cue quickly and released its own 8 inch tablet under its Galaxy series called the Galaxy Note 510 which was also well received in the market. Samsung has now come up with a new 8 inch tablet called the Galaxy Tab 3 which further expands its tablet range. Let us see how the new Galaxy Tab compares with the iPad Mini.

The Galaxy Tab 3 has a 1.5GHz dual core processor which will work much faster than the 1 GHz dual core processor powering the iPad Mini. A 1.5 GB of RAM makes the Galaxy Tab 3 more capable of handling multiple apps and graphic rich games than the 512 MB of RAM in iPad Mini. Display of the new Tab with a resolution of 1,280×800 pixels is one of the biggest improvements that Samsung has brought in the new Tab 3 over the Galaxy Note 510 and beats the 1024 × 768 pixels resolution of iPad Mini’s display head on (remember, no retina display for the smaller iPad). Display is one of the biggest strengths of Galaxy Tab 3 and can be rated as the best ever seen on any tablet till now. Both the tablets run on the latest versions of their respective operating systems (Galaxy Tab 3 on the Android 4.2 and iPad Mini on  iOS 6.1.4). And , all the popular connectivity options like HSPA, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi too are available on both the devices.

Galaxy Tab 3 is slightly thinner (6.95 mm) than the iPad Mini (7.2 mm) but weighs a bit more than the iPad Mini.  Both the gadgets have 5 megapixel rear cameras which can record HD qulaity videos. Despite the growing number of apps available on the Play Store, Apple’s App Store still has a better collection of apps for tablets. This is one area where iPad Mini can dominate the Galaxy Tab 3.

Verdict: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 vs iPad Mini

The verdict is very clear. Samsung is steadily improving its tablets range and can one day overtake Apple just like it had done with smart phones. Like its predecessor Galaxy Note 510, the Galaxy Tab 3 beats the iPad Mini in almost every area other than the apps available for them. The lack of retina display and a slower processor are biggest draws on the iPad Mini. You can prefer the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 over the Apple iPad Mini unless you are a heavy app user or an Apple fanatic. The other option is to wait for another 3-4 months till the iPad Mini 2 arrives.


Model Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (8.0) Apple iPad Mini
Processor 1.5GHz dual core 1 GHz dual core
OS Android 4.2 iOS 6.1.4
Display 1,280 x 800 pixels 1024 × 768 pixels
RAM 1.5 GB 512 MB
Storage Capacity 16 GB/32 GB 16 GB/32 GB/64 GB
Camera 5 Megapixel 5 Megapixel
 Battery 4,450 mAh Li-ion battery 16.3 Watt Li-Po battery
Thickness 6.95 mm 7.2 mm
Weight 330 grams 308 grams
Price Rs 21,000 ($ 299 in US)

Starts at Rs 21,900 ($ 329 in US)