People like bloggers, and students, designers may often need to take screenshots of their computer screens. The easiest way to do this is to press the ‘Print Screen’ button on the computer’s keyboard and edit the captured image it using ‘Paint’ (in Windows) or other programs like Picasa. But screenshots taken like this are of low quality and it also takes time to edit the screenshot using another program. There are several softwares which can capture screenshots without losing much original quality. One such recently released software is HotShots. HotShots is an advanced free screenshot software which can both capture and edit screenshots from your computer’s display.

After the software is downloaded and installed, double click on the link to open it. The first thing you need to do before you capture any image is to specify the output path (place where they will be saved) of the screenshots you want to capture. The next thing you need to do is to select the capture mode from the list of five available options, viz. Grab Screen, Grab all Screens (for  capturing all the connected monitors), Grab Window, Grab Region, and Grag a Freehand Region. At last you need to specify what is to be done with the captured image (do nothing, save immediately, and open it in the inbuilt editor). Once the preferences are set, just click on the ‘Take a new Snapshot’ button to capture the screenshot. The image will be stored in the desired destination if have selected the ‘auto save’ option. But, if wanted to edit the screenshot before saving it, the image will open in the inbuilt ‘Snapshot Editor’ where you can alter it as per your requirements. The Snapshot Editor of the software has a vast array of editing options like adding text to the screenshot, adding another image, cropping the image, drawing different shapes, highlighting and obfuscating a particular part of the screenshot, etc. The inbuilt editor will be enough for the needs of nonprofessional users.

The software can also upload the captured screenshots to the web directly. Some commonly needed options (for capturing and editing) are given at the top of the software’s homescreen for quick access. One problem I have noticed with the software is its inability to save screenshots in the most commonly used JPEG software. Other than that, HotShots is one of the best softwares I have recently come across for capturing and editing screenshots easily.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 1.2.0beta2

Rating: 8/10

Supported OS: Windows Xp/Vista/7

Download size: 11 MB


Download link to the Software