Anywhere Internet access is still limited to very few countries in the world like South Korea  and Japan. Internet connectivity is still very poor in countries like India and even in USA. Not being able to access your favorite websites when you want to could be very frustrating. How about storing a complete website in your PC and accessing it when ever you want (even when you are offline)? Storing your favorite websites in your PC can also reduce your Internet bill as you don’t need to download the same content again and again. Cyotek WebCopy is a free software which lets you to download and entire website save it on your PC for offline viewing.

As the size of Cyotek WebCopy’s installation file is just 4.48 MB, the software downloads and installs very quickly on PC. Interface of the WebCopy is very simple and easy to understand. All you need to download a website is to type its URL,  select the folder (destination) where you want to store it, and click on the ‘copy website’ button. There is also an option to analyze the website before you download.  And, it is advisable to do it, lest the download process may get stuck in the middle. WebCopy automatically remaps all the content of the downloaded website (images, pages, stylesheets, etc.) so that it works just like how it works online. WebCopy can download almost kinds of websites, other than those that are locked down or made inaccessible for download by its administrator. If the site you want to download is too big and you don’t need all its content, there is also an option to download a part of it. I tried downloading just the ‘Technology’ section of Tech Satya and it did in seconds.

Some simple customization options like changing the look of the software with themes (it has 4 themes to choose from) and turning the notification sounds on/off are also available with the software.

License: Freeware (Free)

Version reviewed:

Supported OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

Download size: 4.48 MB

Rating: 8/10

Download link to the software