How will you know whether a new music album or movie released into the market is good or not? Before reading expert reviews, people generally like to know what their friends and favorites (musicians, athletes, celebs) think about it. Knowing what your friends and favorites are listening can also keep you up to date with the latest albums released into the market. Many apps are being released for all popular mobile platforms which lets their users know what music albums their friends and favorites are listening to. One such good app recently released to discover and share new music in both Android and iOS platforms is SoundWave.

SoundWave lets you to follow your friends, family members, and favorites and see what they are listening in real time. After downloading the app from the Play Store you need to first register using your Facebook or Google + IDs. There is also an option to register with your Email. Once you are logged in, a simple tutorial explains how to use the app. You can select the feeds you want to follow. That’s it.  The app’s UI is based on the tiled interface which is seen in many apps released recently like Rediff Illustrated and Telly for Android. Every user of the app will have his own feed of songs he is listening just like in the case of popular social networks. There is no need to add new songs you are listening to the feed as the app automatically detects the songs played on your device and ads them to the feed immediately. Songs you are listening through radio or music streaming services like Spotify are also added to your feed. Uses of the app can set their current favorite song as their ‘Humdinger’ and share with others.

Each item in the feed shows the number of likes and dislikes it got and a share button to share the song with your friends using various channels like Social Networks, Email, Bluetooth, etc. A simple tap on the tile will enable you to preview the song from YouTube or SoundCloud. If you like the song you can buy the song from Play Store or 7digital. The feeds you see can also be filtered through some filters which can be accessed by tapping on the multicolored button seen on the app’s top right.

You can see the people you are following and add new members from the ‘People’ option in the app’s menu. Explore option in the menu shows some charts from SoundWave to know the songs which are popular and unpopular across its users. Another interesting feature of the app is the ‘Music Map’ which lets you know what people living in a particular area are listening to currently. This features helps to know the popularity of a song in a particular city or region instantly. A simple tap on the Music Map option in the phone’s menu opens the phone’s default map and you can just draw a little circle using your finger around any specific area to see the songs popular there.

SoundWave is a nice music discovery app for audiophiles. It can revolutionize the way new music is discovered across the world if it doesn’t meet the fate of several other music discovery apps which have earlier failed. Give it a try and see it for yourself.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 1.0.2 for Android

Rating: 8/10

Supported OS: Android 2.2 and above

Download size: 9.2 MB


Download link on the Play Store