New bloggers often find it difficult to monetize their content. It takes sometime for them to get approval from the market leader, Google Adsense. Its true that there are many other alternatives to AdSense, but they don’t cater to the needs of new bloggers completely. Networks like Infolinks, Chitika, and Kontera only provide InText or text ads. Finding an advertising service which provides good banner ads can be quite challenging for new blogs with less traffic. Ads from other advertising services which provide  banner ads like Bidvertiser and Chitika are not suitable for new blogs. For Eg. Ad space in your blog will be allocated to the highest bidder in Bidvertiser and good advertisers may not bid new blogs.

In my first post on blogging, I will be reviewing a good advertising service called Qadabra. It is one of the best adsense alternatives I have come across for displaying banner ads on new blogs. Qadabra was initially started as AdsGadget in 2011 and got its present name in December, 2012. It offers banner ads in all the popular sizes like 300×250, 160×600, 728×90, etc. Creation of the ad code and placement on the blog is a breeze. Ads starting appearing within seconds of placing the code.

Ads of all big industry names like IBM , Microsoft, Vodafone, Dell, etc. are available through Qadabra. All geographic locations (countries) are covered by the service as it has contacts with the major ad exchanges in the world. I have seen ads from major Indian companies like Airtel, Vodafone India,, and on my my blog from Qadabra. The service doesn’t have any strict rules or traffic requirements other than that you should not place the ads on sites having prohibited content like pornography and violence.

Qadabra has a minimum payment threshold of just $1. So new bloggers need not wait for accumulating $50 or $100 before getting their first payment. There eCPM rates too are good if not the best in the industry. Payments are made by PayPal with a payout time of Net 45 (payment will be made 45 days after reaching the minimum payment threshold).

But there are two problems  with the ads shown by Qadabra. The first is that you will not have any control on the ads displayed on you blog. There are no filters to prevent any unwanted ads from being displayed on your blog. The second is with the slightly irrelevant ads sometimes displayed. Even though it claims to be having a 100 percent fill rate, Qadabra keeps showing spammy ads like software downloads and gaming offers. These kind of ads may affect the look of your blog and may even damage its reputation. Qadabra’s website also has a poor interface and needs lot of improvement.

Apart from the above minor problems, Qadabra is a very good AdSense alternative for displaying banner ads on new blogs. And going by the way they are improving their service, there is no doubt that it will one day emerge as a good option for older blogs with heavy traffic. Qadabra is now focusing on providing rich media ads like pop ups, pop unders, and Stay ons to its clients. Visit Qadabra’s website or their Facebook page for more information.