How about recording every single moment of your life? A swedish startup called Memoto has developed small-stamp sized wearable cameras which will take a photograph every 30 seconds. Memoto cameras can be worn on you shirt’s collar or pocket. From your weekend shopping trips to lazy afternoons, this tiny camera records all the happenings in your life. Memoto cameras thus create lifeblogs which can be revisited by you anytime you want in future. Pictures taken by the Memoto camera are geotagged and hence will also record the place where the images were taken. This wearable camera has a PC app which will download and store all the images in the cloud the very moment you connect it to the PC. The app sorts the images into clusters which can be drilled down later for finding the required image.

The camera is weather proof so that you never need to worry about damaging it while wearing in rain or snow. Memoto camera’s batteries last for a couple of days and can be recharged by connecting it to your PC’s USB port. Smaller size doesn’t make the Memoto wearable camera any way inferior. Test images taken through a working Memoto prototype showed that they have equal clarity to that of the 5 megapixel cameras seen onmost smart phones now.

One major problem with the Memoto cameras is that they don’t have any controls. So it will keep on snapping pictures as along as you wear them. Unwanted pictures need to be removed by you before uploading them to the cloud. Given that it snaps 2,880 images per each single day, checking all of them manually can be very tedious, if not impossible.

The price of the Memoto wearable camera is $ 279 and it is available in three colors (Arctic White, Graphite Grey and Memoto Orange). Memoto has been postponing the release of the product into the market due to some errors in the product’s software. The final launch date is not yet known.

The future of technology is now fast moving towards wearable gadgets. And the Memoto camera could be one welcome addition to the wearable watches and Eye Glasses that are set to enter the market later this year.

You can preorder the Memoto from the company’s website (the product will also be shipped to India).