Now it is more than 2 years since Nokia has ditched its Symbian OS in favor of Microsoft’s Windows Phone for its high end smart phones. Nokia had to make the hard choice as Symbian was rapidly losing market share to other latest OS in teh market  like Android and iOS. Nokia has also abandoned the development of its own MeeGo OS as it wanted to focus on a single OS for its high end smart phones. Since then, the new Nokia Lumia smart phones powered by the Windows Phone OS have garnered some significant market share and got good reviews from critics. The big question not clear to many now is: Is Symbian Dead or Alive?

But Nokia didn’t start manufacturing all its smart phones using the Windows Phone OS. Even though it has stopped developing the OS on its own, it has outsourced its future development to Accenture. Many new low end smart phones like the Asha series powered by the latest versions of Symbian like Symbian Anna and Nokia Belle were received well in the market (mostly in the emerging markets like India and Africa). One of the main reasons for the good reception that Symbian OS continue to receive in the market is its ability to run well on phones with lower hardware specifications. So Nokia has made Symbian the default OS for its cheaper smart phones. This made Symbian OS to stay alive and kicking.

Symbian OS

But many technology analysts are telling that the market for smart phones has matured and they will not continue to command the premium prices as they do now. The future belongs to wearable gadgets like Google Glass and Pebble Smart Watch and almost all the top technology companies are bracing themselves for this future. Android powered smart phones and are now available for cheaper prices tags than before. It will not be long before Chinese made Android powered smart phones start having similar price tags as that of the budge phones powered by Symbian. Nokia too has recently announced that it will be releasing cheaper Windows Phone smart phones in the market. The days of Symbian OS now finally seem to be numbered.