In an earlier post I reviewed a portable yet full featured browser for desktops. In this post I will be reviewing a light yet fully loaded browser for Android devices. Many browsers available for Android devices like Opera and Google’s very own Chrome lack many of the features that are seen on the popular desktop browsers. The ability to block ads, auto-filling address bar, and the ability to create bookmarks right on the address bar are missing.  I have recently come across a fast browser for Android devices called MiniBrowser mobile on the Play Store which is very fast and has more functionality than other browsers.


MiniBrowser mobile (MiniBrowser) is a light and ultra fast browser for android devices. The browser is little known like the other popular browsers. MiniBrowser has all the features that are seen on desktop browsers. You can browse the Internet through multiple tabs. It has a clean interface with all the required buttons right on the homepage itself. I found this to be very convenient even though it makes the homepage a bit cluttered. If you have browser with a smaller display or if you think the buttons on the homepage are eating away too much space, there is an option to switch to the full screen mode. Address bar of the browser completes itself when you start typing. A built in Adobe Flash Player plugin handles all the multimedia content very easily. The browser loads extremely fast and shows all the content in the default mobile view. When viewing web pages which are not compatible with mobile browsers, you can switch to the desktop view with the touch of a single button found at the bottom of the browser.

MiniBrowser has a PRO version which offers additional features. A unique ad-blocker feature in the PRO version filters all the ads from the web page you are browsing which saves you on your data charges. This also reduces the time it takes to load a web page. When you are browsing a web page written in a foreign language, the browser translates the page into English or any of your preferred languages. Wikipedia articles can also be searched directly from the address bar of this browser. Images and even videos (except from You Tube) can be directly downloaded on to your device through the PRO version.


  • Ultrafast
  • Switch from mobile view to desktop view and vice versa with a single touch
  • Auto-complete address bar
  • Bookmark addition with a single touch


  • Rugged interface
  • Ad-block filter availalble only in the premium (PRO) version


MiniBrowser mobile is a very fast browser for android devices which offers lot of additional features which are missing in other popular browsers for Android devices like Chrome and Opera. The only minus I observed with the browser is its rough interface. Give it a try and I am sure you may like it.

Version Reviewed: 2.2 for Android devices

Price: Basic version is free/Rs. 50 (US$ 1.99) for PRO version

Download file size: 116k (basic version)/150k (PRO version)

Download links

Download link for MiniBrowser

Download link for MiniBrowser Pro