After storming the smart phone market with the new high end smart phones based on its latest BlackBerry 10, the Canadian technology company is planning to release some new BlackBerry mid range phones in the market soon. The first smart phone running on the BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry Z10 was released on January 30, 2013 which was  followed by BlackBerry Q10 a few months later. While BlackBerry Z10 was a full touch screen phone, the Q10 has both  touchscreen and a physical QWERTY keypad. BlackBerry’s CEO Thorsten Heins has earlier said that it would be releasing an array of new handsets this year in order to effectively compete with Samsung and Apple. According to Thorsten Heins, new handsets would give more choice to their consumers and enable BlackBerry to stay relevant in the market.

And, BlackBerry seems to getting ready to launch a new mid range phone which runs on its latest BlackBerry 10. A new picture now being circulated on social networking sites shows a new red colored BlackBerry smart phone (another white phone in the background is also visible in the picture) with a full-QWERTY keypad. The phone also seems to be running on BlackBerry 10. Given that the phone has a bigger display, it is also assumed that its screen will be touch enabled. The plastic case of the phone gives an impression that it will be priced lower than the Z10 and Q10. The person who has uploaded the photo has noted that the phone might be available in Q3. According to another report by the new mid range phone is the BlackBerry R10 which will replace the aging BlackBerry Curve series. If and when the R10 is released into the market, it will surely become the mainstay in the sub-20,000 mid range segment in India and other emerging countries.

As BlackBerry is no longer just targeting the busy corporate executives we can expect more number of handsets like R10 with good multimedia capabilities in the coming future. And as more and more new customers of smart phones are now coming from emerging markets, we can expect to see more BlackBerry mid range phones.