There are lot of good web browsers beyond Chrome and Firefox which offer unique functionality and features. But you may not have tried out them. In this post I will be reviewing one of the best portable browser which is also loaded with all the features found in mainstream browsers. This browser is also ultrafast and opens all kinds of web pages with lot of ease.

SlimBoat is a portable browser application which has all the features of any regular mainstream browsers. You can download the zipped file of the browser from the browser’s website and unzip it. The browser doesn’t need to be installed on your computer and starts working directly when you double click on the application’s  ‘.exe file’. The browser starts in a flash and will be ready for use. Being a portable browser you can also carry it in your USB flash drive (Pen Drive) and use it in other computers like your office PC or friend’s laptop when ever there is a need.

The homepage of the browser has Google custom search and a speed dial menu for quickly accessing some important websites. Tabbed browsing is available on the browser and there is also a bookmark tool bar on the top of the browser. Many key tools like language translation, weather updates, popup blocker, ad blocker, and You Tube downloader are integrated into SlimBoat browser. Facebook is very cleverly integrated into Tools menu the menu making it very easy to share anything on the social network. As said, the tablet is very light and will not slowdown your system. Navigating the web pages is also extremely smooth.

SailBoat has some what poor looks when compared with other browsers. But you can alter the looks of the browser including the application styles from its ‘View’ menu. A major problem with the browser is while browsing websites with high graphics and Flash games. The browser slows down when dealing with such websites.


  • Light Weight
  • Excellent integration with Facebook and other social networks like Twitter and Google Plus
  • No need to install the browser application in your system
  • Quick import of bookmarks from other browsers installed on your systems like IE, Chrome, and Firefox
  • Customizable menu


  • Poor looks
  • Slows down when opening websites with heavy graphics and Flash games

SlimBoat can’t be be your primary or default browser. It still doesn’t match the interface and other features offered by market leaders like Firefox and Chrome. But if you need multiple full featured browsers for different tasks like me (one for regular browsing, one for blogging, one for downloads, etc.)   then SailBoat can be good choice for you. You can also use it is a standby secondary browser for doing some emergency browsing. It is simply the best portable browser that I have come across till now.

Version Reviewed: SlimBoat 1.1.30 for Windows

Price: Free

Download file size: 9.89 MB

Other OS supported by browser: Linux and Mac

Download Link for the Browser