Pebble, a Silicon Valley startup with loads of  ambition to bring a disruptive product to the market, has finally launched its much awaited smart watch called as the E-Paper Watch. The E-Paper is basically a smart watch which can supplement the functional utility provided by the  Smart Phones and Tablets. The new smart watch from Pebble  belongs to a new breed of gadgets which can be worn on the body. Many analysts are now telling that the market for smart phones is getting saturated. Even though people may not stop buying smart phones in the future, they may not willing to pay the premium prices now commanded by some high end smart phones brands like iPhone, Galaxy, and Lumia. From Google Glass to Sony Smart Watches, technology companies around the world are competing with one another to bring the next blockbuster gadget into the market.


Pebble’s E-Paper watch can connect with smart phones and tablets through Bluetooth and display information like the incoming caller ID, current music tracks being played, text messages, GPS information, weather updates, etc. Apart from connecting with other devices, the watch also has lot of standalone functionalities like distance calculator, automatic time adjustment while traveling across timezones, Golf Rangefinding, etc. through the inbuilt custom apps. Apps for the new smart watch will be available from Pebble’s own app store. The smart watch is compatible with both iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod) and Android operating systems. E-Paper watch works on an inbuilt battery which needs to be recharged once in a week. Information on the watch is displayed on a 144 x 168 pixel display black and white e-paper which is similar to the one found on Amazon’s Kindle.

Despite the attention surrounding the Pebble’s smart watch, the attempts of other technology companies to create a smart watch ended up being big failures. Microsoft’s SPOT and Suunto n3 Smart Watches and the inPulse smart watches for BlackBerry users (launched in 2008) could not attract much attention from the customers. Consumers who are accustomed to changing their batteries once in a year or two may find it annoying to recharge their batteries once in a week. More than this, convincing the consumers to buy one more gadget which will perform similar functions like that of smart phones and making enough apps available for these smart watches are some of  the challenges that Pebble has to overcome in the near future. That said, the rumored entry of other technology biggies like Apple and Google into the ‘smart watch’ space can only heat up the market in future.