Google has recently announced that the operating system which will be powering its new Glass will be Android. Apple is also rumored to be working on a ‘smart watch’ similar to the one recently released by Pebble which may again work on its iOS. So despite all the talks about the smartphone market getting saturated, it seems very likely that many more future gadgets will be running on popular operating systems like Android and iOS. No wonder many new mobile operating systems like Tizen and Firefox OS want to challenge the dominance of established players. Some of the new mobile operating systems which want to challenge the dominance of Android and iOS are:

BlackBerry 10

The new kid in the block,  BlackBerry 10 is the latest operating system from a desperate company (now bearing the same name of the gadgets and OS) which wants to survive the onslaught of Android and iOS. Like the earlier OS from RIM, the BlackBerry 10 is aimed at the busy corporate executives. But, the new OS from BlackBerry boasts some good multimedia features aimed at making the OS more acceptable by ordinary consumers. Some new features like the ‘Hub’ on the OS is sure to bring back some of old BlackBerry customers who have abandoned it for iPhones and Samsung Galaxys.


Tizen is another Linux operating system which is expected to hit the market this summer. Tizen is backed by some industry heavy weights like Samsung and is mainly intended at ending their dependence on Android.  Tizen was born out of Samsung’s desire of having its own OS which it can use to better integrate its hardware and software like Apple. If successful, Samsung may want to use this software in many of future gadgets like ‘smart watches’ and ‘smart glasses’. But Tizen needs to get lot of popularity before Samsung can dump Android completely.

Firefox OS

Firefox OS is a Linux based operating system for smartphones and tablets developed by Mozilla. The OS is compatible with HTML5 and hence lot of existing apps can be made available to this OS with very little effort . Firefox OS is born out of the desires of Mozilla’s outgoing CEO Gary Kovacs’ desire to create a truly open OS which can bring lot of news apps which can cater to the needs of people in developing countries. The first gadgets powered with Firefox OS will hit the market sometime in the middle of 2013.


Sailfish is a new OS from the finnish firm Jolla formed by a number of former Nokia engineers. Jolla wants to breath new life into the MeeGo OS ditched by Nokia when it adopted the Windows Phone. Sailfish supports all major latest technologies like HTML5, QML, and QT. Sailfish has a radical multitasking environment which Jolla hopes can differentiate its OS from other operating systems. Jolla has recently announced that it will release its first devices powered by Sailfish by May 2013. If you can remember the rave reviews MeeGo got even before its expected release date, you know that you can’t underestimate the potentiality of Sailfish.