After smartphones and tablets, the wearable gadgets segment seems to be the next big thing in the tecnology world. After announcements from Apple and Samsung, Microsoft is also reportedly working on wearable gadgets scheduled to be released in the market by early 2014. In a note written by the noted analyst Brian White of the Topeka Capital Markets, Microsoft is working on developing internet connected glass which it wants to pit against Google Glass. White’s note didn’t give any specific information about the new Microsoft’s project, but simply said that the software giant will make its new wearable gadget available in the first half of 2014.

Microsoft has been putting its best efforts in order to catch up with Google and Apple in the recent past. It has already given Google a kick in the pants when it launched its Bing search service which has taken a substantial market share from Google. Microsoft’s new Windows Phone OS has also received some very good reviews from the critics. The latest glass project seems to be another step in this direction. Just like the Google Glass, Microsoft’s Glass might have a camera, a mini screen right before the eyes for watching movies, and the ability to connect to the internet wirelessly.

Microsoft might use a modified version of its Windows Phone OS in it Glass so that it can easily connect to the smartphones and tablets powered by it. Some industry observers were also telling that Microsoft might even provide its Xbox games on its glass just like it has done with its Windows Phone powered smartphones and tablets. This can give Microsoft’s Glass a good edge over Google. With Google Glass scheduled to be released in late 2013, it seems that Google should brace for hectic competition even before the release of its new product into the market. We can only hope that the new attempt of Microsoft at wearable gadgets don’t go the way of its ‘SPOT Watches’ (remember those ?) which failed to impress consumers.