Laptops heat up faster than the regular desktops. Heated up laptops create problems like turning ff automatically, damaging their components and the data stored in them. With the summer approaching fast, its time to take steps to keep you laptops cool so that they don’ create any troubles for you. Below are some of the tips to keep your laptops cool this summer:

Check your Laptop’s Fans

Check whether the fans fixed in your laptop are working properly. You may need to open the laptop to do this. But, opening the laptop on your own may void the warranty given by the manufacturer. So instead you need to use proper diagnostic software to check whether the fans are functioning well or not. Try to find software some from the internet or visit the website of your laptop’s manufacturer to find a proper fan diagnosing tool.

Clean the Air Vents

Laptops have intake vents near the front and exhaust vents at the back. These are useful for maintaining proper airflow inside your laptop and keep it cool. Dust and debris which gets accumulated can sometimes block these vents and block airflow. Try to clean the air vents through a portable vacuum cleaner or with a damp cloth.

Check your BIOS Settings

Every laptop has software settings which make its fans to start at a stipulated temperature. Check these BIOS settings periodically. Sometimes BIOS settings are updated by your laptop’s manufacturer to optimize the cooling for your laptop. Visit your laptop manufacturer’s website to check for a BIOS update.

Use a Cooling Pad

If you live in a very hot place like South India, the inbuilt fans in laptops may not be sufficient to keep your laptop cool during summers. Buy a cooling pad to cool your laptop properly. Cooling pads have extra fans which help in keeping the laptop cool. Cooling pads also work as a stand and keep the laptop elevated from the surface which will prevent temperature from building up inside your laptop.


Change your Laptop Habits

Change your laptop using laptops. Don’t use them where this direct contact with sunlight. Keep your laptop away from radiators and kitchen appliances which produce more heat. Place your laptop on flat surfaces and never keep them on your legs during summers. Placing a laptop on your laptop may even burn your skin.