From Smartphones to Tablets, almost every portable gadget now comes embedded with a GPS receiver. The latest buzz in the technology world, Google Glass also has GPS embedded in it. Other than helping you to know your exact location, GPS integrates with various apps in your smartphones and tablets to give information like whether updates, nearest hotels, latest shopping offers in the place where you are located etc. But, the good old Laptops still don’t come with GPS chips embedded in them. With Microsoft Windows 8 now supporting various apps, having GPS access on your laptop can be very beneficial. Below are some of the ways to access GPS on your laptop:

Accessing GPS from your Android Phone

The first and easiest way to access GPS on your laptop is by connecting your laptop to your Smartphone. While there are many apps in Google Play which can facilitate this kind of connectivity, my favorite one is the BlueNMEA app. BlueNMEA is compatible with most of the Android versions and is free. After installing the app on your phone, pair your phone and PC through Bluetooth. Open Google Earth on your laptop and click on the ‘Tools’ menu and select GPS. Select the NMEA protocol in the GPS Import dialogue box and click on start. Google Earth will automatically start connecting with your phone and you can see your laptop listed on the BlueNMEA app’s display area on the phone. Google Earth will now start locating your exact location through the GPS data from your phone.

Accessing GPS Through Third Party GPS Receivers

The other option is to access GPS on your laptop is through the third party GPS receivers like those from Garmin. Garmin and other third party makers of GPS receivers facilitate the access GPS data on your laptops. Most of these devices are cheap (cost around Rs 5,000 or less) and very compact to carry. The third party GPS receivers come with their own software to connect these devices to your laptops. Some of them even connect to your laptop through Bluetooth. Some examples of these devices are the Garmin GPS 20x and Garmin GPS 16x . Just connect these devices to your laptop and open Google Earth. Go to the ‘Tools’ menu and select the ‘GPS option’. Now click on ‘Import’ from the dialogue box and select your device from the available options. The moment you click on ‘Import’, your laptop will start importing GPS data from the portable receiver and start locating your exact location.