Google has said sometime back that it would not be making any official apps for the new Windows 8 OS (for both mobile and PC) from Microsoft. The lack of official App for accessing some important Google services makes things difficult for many people like me who depend on Google’s services like Gmail. But some unofficial apps are not available from developers for Gmail on Windows. Below are two of such Gmail apps for Windows which facilitate direct access of Gmail without the need to open the browser:

Gmail Touch for Windows 8

Gmail Toouch is a recently released unofficial app for accessing Gmail on Windows 8. The key USP of the app is that it is developed by keeping the touch interface of Windows 8 in mind. Using this app, you can check the mail and compose new mails with ease. Another interesting feature of the app is that it supports the Live Tile feature. The app displays the latest received mails on the app tile on the PC’s home screen. A big drawback of this app is that it still doesn’t support attachments to emails.

Download Gmail Touch for Windows 8

Gmail Send

Gmail Send is simple App which enables you to access Gmail on the earlier versions of Windows like XP, Vista and 7. It is very easy to install the app and it has a simple user interface. You can send emails as simply as sending messages on Google Talk using Gmail Send. This newly released app is one of the best Gmail apps for windows Download the app from this link and install in on your PC. It will ask for your Google ID and password when you first open it. The apps will connect with your Gmail account immediately after you give those details. You can simply click on the app and start sending the mails without the hassle of opening your browser.

Download Gmail Send