Tizen, the new Linux based that is expected to hit the market this summer is creating waves in the technology circles even before it is release. Tizen is one more serious attempt by Samsung to challenge the dominance of Android and iOS after its forgettable Bada OS. Now enjoying the leadership position in the global smart phone market, Samsung wants to have its own OS so that it can better integrate the software with its hardware manufacturing capabilities. Traditionally companies like Apple which made its own hardware and software could integrate them well to give a better experience to its users. This is what Samsung wants to primarily achieve with Tizen.


With BlackBerry 10 OS getting good reviews and Microsoft making every effort to make its Windows Phone successful, it is still not clear which of these OS be that ‘third alterative’ OS to Android and iOS. But, some technology analysts are hoping that Tizen has very good chances to be successful in the market. Some of the reasons why they think Tizen will be successful are:

Tizen has Good Backing Tizen enjoys the support of biggies like Samsung, Intel, Vodafone, Orange, Huawei, Panasonic, etc. Companies like Samsung and Intel with deep pockets will leave no stone unturned in making Tizen a success.

Samsung is Looking for an Altenative Since the time it has lost a patent lawsuit to Apple, Samsung has been looking for a good alternative to Android. It has never even completely committed itself to Android. It has dabbled with many other OS in the past like Windows Phone, Bada, MeeGo, etc. After Google acquired Motorola, its resolve to find a worthy alternative to Android has only increased.

Android Lost its Premium Image With Google supplying its Android OS to all the willing mobile manufacturers around the world, many cheap Chinese manufacturers have been making Android powered phones with poor hardware quality. As a result despite being a market leader, Android no longer has the premium image enjoyed by other OS like iOS and Windows Phone.

Tizen Supports the Latest HTML 5 Inability to develop a good app ecosystem resulted in the poor performance of some OS like Bada and Windows Phone. But, Tizen supports HTML 5 which will make lots of apps available to the manufacturers of Tizen phones. Manufacturers of Tizen phones needn’t worry much about attracting native app developers.

With nearly 40 percent of the total Android phones sold in the world now made by Samsung, Google will be the biggest loser if Tizen is successful in the market. But for now Google doesn’ t seem to care much about Tizen or any other new OS that are hitting  the market. With analysts telling that the Smartphone market is maturing and the challenge to make a good number of apps available to it at the time release, the road is not gonna be smooth for Tizen. Samsung can only pray that Tizen doesn’t go the way of Bada or MeeGo.