Nobody wants to miss an important call or message which needs be attended immediately. Operating systems like iOS and Windows Phone have good pop-up notification systems which make it easier to keep a tab on missed calls, new messages received, and social media notifications. Apart from a beep or a blink, Android phones don’t have a proper notification system. So, there is a good chance that you might end up missing some important notifications. A new Android notification app called Droid Notify which seems to be inspired by the notification system seen on iPhone aims to fill this gap. Droid Notify will display a popup notification in case of a new phone event. The app will give pop-up notifications for missed calls, SMS/MMS messages, calendar events, and K-9 mail clients. You can customize the app with lot of Window Themes that are available with the app. The notification buttons on the app can also be customized depending upon the tastes of the user. People who don’t want to be disturbed when they are busy or during the night time, can disable the notifications during the stipulated time through a feature on the app called ‘Quiet Time’.

There is another paid version of the app called Droid Notify Pro which costs Rs 132.99. The premium version of the app has advanced features like notifications for Twitter, Facebook, and Google Voice. It is also possible to customize notifications from certain important contacts in the phone book through the premium version. The premium version also has a Blacklist Feature where you can Blacklist certain kind of notifications which you don’t want to see.

The basic version is enough for people who don’t want to be notified of the happenings on their social network profiles. To conclude, the app is very unique as it adds a cool feature which is not provided by Android but commonly available with other platforms. Link to Droid Notify App on Play Store. Link to Droid Notify Pro App on Play Store.