Since its release almost a year back in February, 2012, Chrome for Android has replaced the old Android browser and emerged as one of the best browsers available for Android phones. But, Chrome still has some limitations like the lack of compression of the data downloaded and the display of the bookmarks toolbar for accessing your favorite websites. Chrome for Android is also not available for the older versions of Android. Below are the 3 best alternatives to the Chrome which you can try out:

Opera Mobile and Opera Mini 

Opera browsers (Opera Mobile and Opera Mini) are some of the best browsers available for Android phones. While the Opera Mobile is a fully fledged and heavy browser, the Opera Mini is a lighter version with some features shaved off. The one thing that makes Opera to standout from other browsers is that the pages that you access the browser first pass through the Opera’s servers where they are compressed. This significantly reduces your mobile data usage and increases your download speed. Bookmarks and speed dial menus are accessible at the touch of a button. You can also synchronize your bookmarks and other browser data across devices like PCs and mobiles through the ‘Opera Link’.


Dolphin browser is the most popular browser on the Google’s Play Store. It has the highest number of features which are not available on other browsers like gestures, add-ons, browser tabs, speed dial, sidebars, and support for voice control through a feature called ‘Sonar’. A unique ‘One-tap feature’ allows the users to share web pages with their friends through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and even Email. Web pages can also be saved directly to note taking apps like Evernote or Box. Just like Chrome and Opera, the browser data can be synced across devices through ‘Dolphin Connect’.


Firefox for Android is an open source browser for Android smart phones. Just like the Firefox for desktop computers, the Firefox browser for Android devices looks very unique. The browser can be synced across devices. Firefox browser looks minimalist like the Chrome and has a sleek design. It also has a unified search-URL which saves the space on the mobile screen. Users can also select from a wide array of Add-ons to customize their browser. A ‘Do Not Track’ feature’ when activated will prevent the browser from gathering and saving the browsing habits of the users.